IFAR Launches Membership and Supporter Initiative – IFAR

IFAR Launches Membership and Supporter Initiative

IFAR Launches Membership and Supporter Initiative

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses (IFAR) announced on 14 May that IFAR membership is now available for racing and aftercare organisations and individuals who embrace the mission, objectives, and values of IFAR as set forth in its Membership Charter.

“The aftercare of racehorses remains an important and ever-growing global initiative,” said IFAR Chair Di Arbuthnot. “This is an important next step for both IFAR and the racing industry. Becoming a member of IFAR allows responsible organisations to publicly demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of our equine athletes after their racing days are done.”

Membership, which costs US$2,000 per annum, entitles the member organisation’s nominee the opportunity to participate on IFAR’s committees and includes nomination and voting rights. Members will be also permitted to use and promote the IFAR logo in association with their brand. Organisations who are able to contribute additional funds are highly encouraged to do so.

Membership is open to: national (or state-based) racing regulatory bodies or federations thereof; race clubs, racecourses, or racetracks; individuals with an interest in racehorse aftercare; racing participant associations, alliances, or representative bodies; aftercare providers and charities; and commercial or media entities. The IFAR Membership Charter contains further details.

Dues will be used to support IFAR’s work, including conducting the annual IFAR conference, newsletters, social media content creation, advocacy, and promotional initiatives.

For those wanting to support the IFAR mission but who are currently unable to contribute financially, IFAR is also launching its IFAR Supporter level, which is free. Supporters are entitled to attend members’ meetings but are not entitled to participate in voting or nomination processes.

Interested parties are encouraged to complete the IFAR Membership/Supporter Form and return it to ifarmembership@gmail.com. Completed forms will be reviewed and are subject to approval by the IFAR Steering Committee on a quarterly basis.