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ISES 2017 Down Under

ISES 2017 Down Under

For the first time since 2009, some of the greatest minds in the field of equine management and welfare will flock to Australia for the 13th International Equitation Science conference in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Horses today live longer, healthier lives than ever before. We selectively breed horses to jump higher, run raster, move more flamboyantly… But the question many horse lovers would like to know the answer to is this: Are they happy? Are the domesticated lives we provide our horses fulfilling? How do we know what great quality of life means to the horse, and how can we measure it and, of course, could we do better?

The science of equine behaviour and learning, known as Equitation Science, has already made great contributions to piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of what it might mean to be a horse, how we can look after them appropriately, improve and enrich their lives and continue to progress the way in which we interact with them and train them.

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates research into the training and management of horses to enhance horse welfare and improve the horse-rider relationship. Each year, scientists working within the field of Equitation Science gather to share new information, discuss their latest findings and forge the path towards the ultimate goal of widening our understanding of how to ethically train horses whilst providing ethologically sound living conditions. In other words, how to help every horse experience a great quality of life, and how to recognise when we could be doing better.

For the first time since 2009, some of the greatest minds in the field of equine management and welfare will flock to Australia for the 13th International Equitation Science conference in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Hosted by Charles Sturt University, the 2017 ISES Down Under conference theme is ‘Equitation Science in Practice: Collaboration, Communication and Change’ and you are invited to hear for yourself, from scientists all over the world, what they have learned in the past year and how their work is helping to figure out the puzzle.

Over three days, you will attend a number of plenary lectures given by world renowned speakers that have been carefully selected to represent the conference theme, to widen our perspectives, share unique experiences and propose solutions to current challenges. The plenaries are supported by a series of oral presentations during which equitation science researchers will explain their latest findings and methodologies to a critical audience. Other important studies will be presented as posters throughout the conference, allowing participants the chance to discuss findings directly with the authors. There will also be an afternoon of practical demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to chat, eat and socialise with a diverse group of researchers who are looking for answers to help make us all better horse people.

ISES 2017 Down Under conference is a carefully planned blend of learning, collaboration, networking and social opportunity. The International Equitation Science Conferences take pride in being extremely inclusive and open, so whether you are an academic, a student, a practitioner, a rider, owner, trainer or enthusiast, you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded, passionate horse people. The annual Equitation Science conferences are the place to learn more about this field of study, to meet the scientists and to form relationships with people who share your passion.

Equitation science is the way forward. Join us in Wagga Wagga Nov 22-25 for ISES 2017 Down Under and see for yourself… When we know better, we do better!